The Lorimer Series

The Lorimer Series was inspired by the Ted conference. In fact, I’ve ripped off everything about the Ted conference, a gathering of the rich, famous, and influential for a series of incredibly interesting talks on a vast array of subjects. I’ve just added two ingredients  – Brooklyn and beer.

Mini Faq

Why am I doing

It gives me and my friends and friends of friends an opportunity to sharpen our own understanding of the things about which we’re passionate. The idea is that in order to explain things you need to understand them very well indeed.

Why the
“Lorimer” series?

The lectures were originally held at my apartment on Lorimer St., but the reason is deeper than that. My friend Deborah, pointed out to me that the word Lorimer is the name for a specialized blacksmith who creates horse tack: bridles, stirrups, spurs, etc. I’ve thought of the ideas presented in The Lorimer Series as the tack that we can all use to harness our passions into a force with intention, direction, and meaning.

How much does
it cost?

It doesn’t cost you anything.