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Marlene Nichols

Marlene Nichols is a writer/performer and at any given time at least one of her multiple personalities is appearing at such venues as the Liar Show, D-Lounge, Bowery Poetry Club, Rubin Museums of Art, and Stage Left Studios. She received a 2006 Fantasy Fountain Fund grant to write in Paris giving readings at Cafe Universel and Shakespeare & Company. Her past one-woman shows include “A Southern Girl’s Tireswing Blues”, “Pretty” and “Stand Me Up And Dress Me.” Several of her character monologues have been commissioned by The Winter Harbor Theatre in Portland, Maine and performed at the Culture Project’s Impact Festival. Her latest show, “Seeing Voices” will premiere March 27th and 28th at Stage Left Studio in New York City.

Seeing Voices

A monologue about how we struggle with the voices in our heads.


Robin Reed

Robin Reed is an actor, director, writer and producer who has performed and produced in New York, San Francisco and London. She is an original member of Piper McKenzie Productions’ Bizarre Science Fantasy series at the Brick in Brooklyn, where she works regularly. You can hear her voice on radio and television spots for CNN, HGTV and Oxygen as well as bookstore owner Ms. Libri on the PBS animated series Word Girl. She also writes reviews for has an inordinate number of freelance-y dayjobs.

The Crush Project

The Crush Project was born out of a voyeuristic obsession with Craigslist and a fondness for the art project/book series Post Secret. It features some of the New York indie theater scene’s greatest artists voicing dramatic readings of Craigslist’s Missed Connections.


The Bitter Poet Video

The Bitter Poet stopped by to serenade us a while back. This is from the third Lorimer Series night. Way back in…well way back. I’m not sure when. A long time ago… I hope you enjoy it.