Starting up!

Whenever I meet someone who’s been to one of The Lorimer Series lectures, that person invariably asks me, “when are you starting up again?” Usually, I’ll say, “Well…I’m planning to do it…soon.” There are always reasons not to do something worthwhile – even something you love to do….

Finally, I’m able to say that I am for real, no kidding, starting up TLS again!

I’m working with my good friend, Alexander Porter to put TLS back together. We’re planning it bigger, better with more help and more participation. We’re looking for a bigger venue in the neighborhood (bigger than my kitchen…that shouldn’t be hard…) We’re going to try and stretch ourselves to find the best speakers that we possibly can.

So this is the official notice! We’re working on it. We’ll bring you schedule, speaker list, and more right here on this, the new and improved TLS site.